10 Future Versions Of Heroes BETTER Than The Original

The future we've all been waiting for.

Batman Beyond
DC Comics

There have, over the years, been many alternate futures in comic books and future versions of the heroes we love.

Often these storylines feature an evil version of a well-known superhero, corrupted by the dark terrors the future holds: like an evil version of the Hulk who has gone crazy from gamma poisoning, or the Injustice series, where Superman has become a dictator.

There is something special, however, about those times that the window into a hero's future shows us a character who can not only go toe to toe with their predecessor, but are actually better than the original.

Sometimes the mantle of the superhero has been passed down to some new young hero trying to prove their worth, while other times the future version of the hero is just an older incarnation of the original character. Either way, these new heroes bring something new and exciting to the existing mythos.

It takes something special for a future version of a hero to be better than the classic original, but here is a look at ten future heroes who do just that.

10. Old Deadpool

Batman Beyond

It's hard to imagine a better version of Deadpool than our violent lovable original, but the Spider-Man/Deadpool series gives us just that with a future old man Deadpool. The morally upstanding Spider-Man already brings out interesting complexities in the merc' with a mouth's character, and these are only magnified when we peek into their future.

The original Deadpool has a hard time holding on to reality, but old Deadpool has found a reason to keep it together: his friendship with Spider-Man.

Deadpool is living in a retirement home, costume-less and getting up to sexy hijinks with his fellow retirees while trying to convince Peter Parker to leave retirement and join him back in the superhero game.

What is a silly, over the top, Golden Girls-style escapade gets surprisingly deep. Deadpool has the money to be elsewhere, but lives in the retirement home to stay close to his best friend. He sets up a small time mystery for Peter to solve to help convince him to don his costume once again, and perhaps most touching... while Wade has been telling Peter he doesn't know why his healing powers have been on the fritz, really he does. It's because he's been giving Webs secret blood transfusions to keep the man alive.

Old Deadpool has all the silly fourth wall breaking hilarity of the original Wade, but those extra years have brought slightly more introspection and a heavy dose of heart.


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