10 Genius Comic Book Ideas That Should've Been Terrible

When ridiculous ideas turn out ridiculously good.

Batman Beyond Worked
Warner Bros.

The world of comics is a very strange one as it is, but sometimes writers have ideas that will shock even the most die-hard of fans. More often than not, the weird and wacky concepts fall flat on their face, with very few even making it to the book.

However, while editors may regret giving their writers such freedom, it's a risk worth taking. After all, the comic book industry is all about taking chances and pushing the boundaries in order to capture the reader's imagination.

That's not to say that all new ideas are good ideas. Sometimes readers end up watching Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch forgetting they're siblings and getting busy (thanks for the nightmare fuel, Ultimate Universe). Sometimes writers retcon iconic moments and decide it would be funnier to have Batman wet himself (please no-one let Kevin Smith write Batman again).

Every now and then, though, a crazy idea pays off. An out-of-character decision, a bizarre pair-up or even the plot itself could and probably even should have fallen flat. Instead, they gave us some of the most brilliant stories ever put to page or - in one instance - to screen.

10. Otto Octavius Becomes Spider-Man

Batman Beyond Worked
Marvel Comics

It's long been said that Peter Parker and Otto Octavius are just two sides of the same coin. Both are extremely intelligent, both are incredibly passionate about their work and both... seem to have an affinity for animals with eight limbs.

Sadly, the two were always destined to clash as they were heading down two opposing paths. Out of all the web-slinger's rogues gallery, the relationship between Peter and Otto was the most fierce and personal, especially when Otto married Aunt May. So, it seemed odd when news broke of Octavius becoming the next Spider-Man.

Naturally, there was backlash against the idea, but what really upset some Web-Heads was just how Doc Ock managed to become Spider-Man. It's one thing to steal someone's identity, but to switch bodies, leaving Peter to die a horrible death in Doc's failing body? That's possibly the most evil thing any Spider-Man villain has done.

Yet somehow, Dan Slott managed to pull off the impossible. By the end of the Superior Spider-Man run, readers actually liked Otto in his new role. Not because he was a good Spider-Man, but because Otto was finally able to accept his limitations and gained a new found respect for someone he had long rivalled.


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