10 Great DC Elseworlds Comics EVERY Fan Must Read

The greatest alternate takes of the DC universe ever released under the Elseworlds imprint.

DC Comics/Alex Ross

DC Elseworlds was an imprint by the eponymous comic book company that ran from 1989 to well into the early 2000's. It was focused squarely on portraying different interpretations and universe of the DC universe, and the heroes and heroines within it.

There were no dedicated long running series within this imprint, but rather a variety of mini-series that gave you brief but lasting glimpses into the alternate reality they showed.

While some were DEFINITELY better than others, some of them rose even higher than that and became all time classics. The best of them providing elements that would later be incorporated into the main universe of the associated characters.

But which one of those were the best? You can probably name one or two of the all time classics, but as is normally the case with comics, there are probably some other truly great stories that slipped under your notice.

Well, we're here to fix that, with the obvious caveat being that they HAVE to have been published under the Elseworlds imprint. Otherwise, there is absolutely nothing holding this list back.

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