10 Harmless Comics Villains Who Became Badasses

Captain Boomerang: Glow up specialist.

DC Comics

Joke villains have long been a staple of any good comic franchise. From Crazy Quilt to Armless Tiger Man, it's hard to not get a kick out of purposefully silly characters, be they for comic relief, or just to have a weak villain for the hero to destroy.

But this doesn't mean that joke villains have to stay that way forever. Everybody loves an underdog story, after all, and what's more of an underdog story than seeing Stilt-Man or Clock King develop and evolve until they're actually cool characters in their own right?

It doesn't always have to be a case of becoming stronger or more powerful, either - sometimes just seeing a minor villain get a more complex story arc than you'd expect is enough for them to feel way more badass than they were in the first place, because suddenly they have way more of a purpose and place in the universe.

In franchises where characters are capable of destroying worlds and leveling mountains, sometimes it's just nice to see someone who was supposed to be a weak joke become something more meaningful - even if they have a dumb name like Typeface, or Glob.


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