10 Hated Comic Book Characters Who Became Fan Favourites

Damian Wayne was despised 14 years ago. Look where he is now!

DC Comics

While many newly introduced comic book characters have been lucky enough to be immediately welcomed by fans, this hasn't been the case for every character. Indeed, there have been many other characters who've had the very opposite reaction from fans.

As to why, however, varies from case to case. One character might be seen as the laughing stock of their comic book. Another might be poorly received due to backlash against newly incorporated continuity changes that include this new character. Or, it might've simply been that the character was just altogether unappealing.

Regardless of their initial undesirability, though, some of these characters have been able to manage a comeback later on in life.

An accomplishment that is in no small part due to the efforts of creatives, who sometimes revive and revitalize these characters so well, that they end up on-screen. Where, of which, they find themselves beloved by a spectrum of different kinds of fans.

With that being said, though, let's now take a look now at the winding journeys these characters have embarked on in their quest towards newfound popularity.


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