10 Hated Comic Book Characters Who Were Killed Off

8. Lobo - Lobo (Vol. 4) #1

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DC Comics

Lobo is sort of character marmite for the DC universe. While many fans loved him and his over-the-top violent shenanigans, this exact content also left him hated by comic readers who considered him a sort of boring edgy product of the eighties.

And so, when the New 52 reboot happened, the California-based comic company decided to try and revitalise Lobo, and create a character who could be less like Marmite, and more like good beloved jam.

What they got was neither of these things, as people reacted to the 'new' version of Lobo like they had been slapped across the face, as they'd taken away the crudeness and crassness that had made the original character so oddly charming - and then to rub salt into the wound, they had this new Lobo kill the original in his first comic, well and truly damning the new edition to be more despised than his prior form.


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