10 Hilarious Comic Mistakes You Won't Believe Were Published

Stolen characters, uncensored scandal, and a shirtless Batman - what more could you want?

Batman Skin
DC Comics

Everyone makes mistakes. It's one of the most simple, fundamental facts of life - if you have a human doing something, chances are that at some point they'll slip up. As such, comics are no stranger to the occasional goof - as countless internet forums will tell you in profound amounts of detail.

And while mistakes are often considered a bad thing, not all of them have to be. For example, some comic mistakes - such as accidentally referencing Superman in a Marvel issue, or unknowingly breaking the spine of a character - can often make for a comic that is far more memorable than it would have been otherwise.

You can argue that these moments ruin your immersion, or decrease the quality of what you're reading, but at the end of the day sometimes a laugh when you least expect it is what you need, and these beautiful blunders should be given the credit they deserve for lightening countless people's days.

Ranging between petty, silly, and downright unimaginable, here's a reminder that there are truly no genuine mistakes in life - just happy little accidents.

10. Marvel Steals A DC Kiss - Marvel Comics #1000 (Cover Variant)

Batman Skin
Marvel Comics

With the unveiling of Marvel Comics #1000, several variant covers were naturally commissioned, with perhaps the most exciting of them being a variant that was filled to the brim with some of the most iconic and eye-catching art that's been produced in the House of Ideas' eighty-year run.

Unfortunately, one of these pictures was not like the others - as the two men kissing on the comic's initial cover are Alan Scott, a Green Lantern, and his partner, Sam. As a Green Lantern, Scott is naturally a DC character, meaning that more than a couple eyebrows were raised when he appeared front and centre on a Marvel comic.

After many tweeted their confusion about the situation, the creator of the cover responded, apologising and stating that he'd mistakenly believed the pair were Marvel characters. The mistake was then fixed, with further copies replacing the pair with Northstar and his husband kissing instead.


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