10 Hilariously Bad Comic Book Panels You Won't Believe Exist

Are you serious???

Batman Injustice
DC Comics

Although comic books are a deeply entertaining medium of storytelling, some of the art can look preposterous out-of-context. If you don't know anything about the Guardians of the Galaxy, you'll be baffled if you picked up a random issue, and saw a drawing depicting a sentient tree and a gun-toting raccoon fighting a space gorilla.

As ridiculous as that sounds, comic fans understand panels like this make sense in context. (Well, maybe not. Guardians of the Galaxy is usually weird, just for the sake of it.)

But even if you understand the context, there are certain comic book panels which have become infamous, due to abysmal artwork, embarrassing typos, or a continuity error.

Now, we can all accept the odd flub here and there. If there's a letter out of place or a character's face doesn't look right, we shouldn't get angry about it. After all, the artists and writers have a tight schedule to get each issue out on time, so minor flubs are expected.

However, there are some errors that are so blatantly obvious, it's hard to believe the editorial team thought these comics were ready for publication.

10. Is She Decapitated? - Dark Knight III: Master Race #6 (2016)

Batman Injustice
DC Comics

At the end of Frank Miller's Dark Knight III #6, there's a side-story where Batgirl and her sidekicks face off against Lara - the daughter of Superman and Wonder Woman.

Like most of Miller's work, this issue is filled with oversexualised art of female characters. This is most notable in the opening image, which depicts Wonder Woman and Lara hunched over at an awkward angle to highlight their clenched buttcheeks.

Amazingly, this isn't the worst asspect (pun) of this panel. If you look at Lara's head, you will notice it's lobbed back at a 90-degree angle. I know she has superpowers up the wazoo, but I'm pretty certain Lara's skill-set doesn't include being able to turn her spine into liquid.

It's genuinely baffling how a professional illustrator could mess up this badly. Drawing dynamic action or authentic facial expressions is tough. On the other hand, drawing a person so her head looks like it's attached to her body shouldn't prove challenging to anyone over the age of six. Lara's design is so distracting, readers probably didn't notice the other grotesque artwork on the page.

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