10 Holidays To Not Invite A Superhero To

10. Boxing Day: Booster Gold And The Green Hornet

10_Boxing Day Booster Gold Green Hornet

It would be tough to include either of these individuals in your itinerary for Boxing Day. In Booster Gold€™s case, his massive ego just wouldn€™t allow him to acknowledge anyone doing anything for him. He€™d probably step out conveniently for the day, laughing off his uncaring stance on proper elitism etiquette with a joke at the expense of the servants, or, more likely, he€™d probably just say that his massive ego wouldn€™t allow him to acknowledge anyone doing anything for him. He might go shopping. AT A BLAZE COMICS STORE! If you offered him a TV appearance he might reconsider. But pulling that off would mean extra work for you, and you might not even be successful in getting the coverage in the end, even if it is about Booster Gold. In The Green Hornet€™s case, Britt Reid would certainly be ready and more than willing to contribute to the joy of others on such an occasion as Boxing Day, but he just wouldn€™t be able to function properly. Britt€™s life and success depend on master-servant relationships, and even more than that, a highly specialized team. Britt may be charming and effective in social situations, but Kato is the one who knows how the Black Beauty works! What if anyone wanted to go anywhere? Would Britt be able to take them? What if he activated the scanner or the rockets by mistake, or worse, caused the rotating floor in the garage to turn with everyone still in the car? Do those sliding walls and billboards open automatically or do they need to be activated? If a villain were to attack, would Britt be able to use Kato€™s throwing darts with any level of accuracy? If the police were to show up to finally arrest that no-good Green Hornet, would Britt be able to maneuver everyone to safety? Think about it. Without the aid of Lenore Case, how do we even know that Britt can work a phone?

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