10 Image Graphic Novels You Must Read Before You Die

What happens when creators have control? Find out in these 10 amazing Image books!

Image Comics

Back in the early nineties, a group of comic book illustrators and writers decided they had enough of the work-for-hire practices of Marvel and DC and formed their own company. The new publisher, Image Comics, functioned as a collective of creator-owned properties and independent studios intent on creating the characters and storylines the creators wanted.

Since then, Image has grown from a small outfit to one of the largest comic book publishers in the marketplace and over the years, this has resulted in the publishing of some amazing stories.

With no corporate overlords directing their every move, artists and writers were able to fashion entire universes of characters and stories fans have latched onto. Sure, some failed to meet expectations, but the books that sold well went on to dominate the market.

While you may be aware of some of Image Comics' content, there are a few standout books that deserve everyone's attention. Granted, there are far more than 10 amazing graphic novels and trade paperbacks every fan should read, but these are the best of them all.


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