10 Indie Comics You Must Read Before You Die

Because sometimes Batman needs a break.

Image Comics

While an industry that stretches farther than the eye can see, the majority of comics revolve around a comparatively small collection of spandex-clad superheroes. Though the famous few found at the likes of DC and Marvel deserve their fame, they represent but the tip of the iceberg in regards to comics that are both artistically and literature-wise a fantastic read.

That's where indie comics come in. Though often still owned by major companies, there are an incredible amount of non-mainstream titles worth reading, when you fancy something different to the Man of Steel or Caped Crusader for a change.

That said, even for those who can't get enough of the main comic franchises, there are indie comics that use ideas established by these huge franchises to create interesting and unique comics that are still worth both their time and attention. For every type of comic fan imaginable, there is at least one indie comic practically tailor-made for them.

Though it has more than its fair share of garbage, there is a treasure trove of quality awaiting those willing to go off the beaten track in search of a brilliant read. Here are the best of all.


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