10 Inexplicable Examples Of Comic Book Retconning

Remember what Jason Todd's death meant for all of comics? Yeah, DC would rather you didn't.

Retroactive Continuity - or retcon for short - is something of an anomaly in the world of fandom regardless of whether they happen in film, television or comic books, as they change the known history of the world within the franchise. Retcons in the comic book industry happen on a fairly frequent basis too, bringing with them changes that can refresh a superhero title while simultaneously making their history too convoluted for even the most dedicated fans to follow. Sometimes retcons can work out well by adding to the characters mythology and open up a vast amount of potential for new stories, such as Geoff Johns€™ work in Green Lantern: Rebirth which created a deeper history of the Green Lantern Corps in a story that spanned nine years. Other retcons don€™t work out nearly as well and create a polarising and often negative reaction amongst the fans; just look at the many changes George Lucas has inputted in the Star Wars saga over the years to get an idea of how fans take to drastic changes within an established history. Though there are many comic book examples, some stand above others for being for being completely devoid of logic, repeated contradictions, or being a little too out there for readers to fully get behind. Performing a retcon seems to be a tricky business as the reaction can go either way, but the following ten stand out as the most confusing or offending ones within the genre thanks to a near unanimously response from the fans.
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