10 Insane Alternate Versions Of Black Panther You Won't Believe Exist

9. Ghost Panther

Symbiote Black Panther
Marvel Comics

The romance between Black Panther and Storm is one of the most famous parts about both characters. The two were even married, with Storm being the queen of Wakanda, for quite a long time - at least by the metric of how long X-Men comics go before tearing everything down and starting over again because character development and growth is for nerds.

One of the more interesting interpretations of this long running relationship was the version of Storm and Black Panther from Earth 161. And you'll note that I use the word "version" in the singular tense for good reason.

After being reduced to a ball of energy in a jar thanks to the mutant Pipeline, Tony Stark attempts to save her by transferring the energy into a suit made to resemble Black Panther's costume. From that point on, Ororo took up the name of Ghost Panther.

Although she maintains a good healthy relationship with both the Avengers and the X-Men, Ghost Panther decided she'd be much more at home ruling Wakanda.

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