10 Insane Alternate Versions Of Punisher You Won't Believe Exist

Punishing criminals one planet at a time.

Punisher cosmic ghost rider
Marvel Comics

Life really hasn't been kind to Frank Castle. It's almost like it woke up one morning and said "You know what, screw this guy" before deciding to take a large bat to him at every given opportunity.

No matter what he went through though, you always had the knowledge that the Marvelverse was a vast place, and that somewhere out there maybe Frank was getting a decent break.

Spoiler Alert: He's not.

No matter where or when he is, it seems Frank Castle is destined to follow the same path, punishing those he deems guilty. Whether they are God, monster, man or machine, the universe is a vast place with a ton of bad guys who need killing - but it's too big a job for one Punisher, even if he happens to be a one-man murder spree.

Fortunately there are more than enough people willing to wear the familiar white skull in a quest for vengeance. From Headmistresses to Ghost Riders; cowboys to Spider-Men, lets look at the alternate versions of The Punisher and ask: Just who is the craziest of them all?

10. Spider-Gwen (Earth-65)

Punisher cosmic ghost rider
Marvel Comics

A former marine and ex-member of Tony Stark's War Machine, life on Earth-65 is no easier for Frank Castle than it is on the original's world. Joining the NYPD and rising to the rank of detective, Frank is put in charge of hunting down Spider-Gwen after Captain Stacey's investigation fails and he will use every means at his disposal, fair or foul, to achieve this goal.

Created by Jason Latour and Robbi Rodriguez this version of Frank Castle is a man possessed by his job. So much so that he completely neglects his family which causes his wife and son to leave him. Though, considering how this story arc normally ends for them it's safe to say they dodged a bullet or two there.

He is also a man who doesn't know when he's beaten. His first run-in with Spider-Gwen ends with her opening up a can of whup-ass on him and putting him in a body cast, and their second encounter doesn't go much better as she punches him through a plate glass window.

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