10 Insane Alternate Versions Of The Justice League You Won't Believe Exist

8. The Crime Society Of America

DC Comics

When Infinite Crisis dropped in 2006, a new alternate universe was created mirroring the original Earth-3, which came jam-packed with evil alternate versions of popular heroes. Instead of the Justice League of America, the Crime Society of America was presented as the primary force for evil in the universe.

The first story, as presented in Countdown Presents The Search for Ray Palmer: Crime Society #1, the Jokester is introduced as a hero who battled the original members of the Crime Syndicate (the precursor group).

This new group introduced members previously unseen including evil doppelgangers of Supergirl, Black Canary, and Booster Gold.

Ultimately, the Crime Society of America (and their entire universe) was destroyed in the Countdown: Arena series. Monarch recruited numerous characters for his army, including the Crime Society. The ensuing battle resulted in the destruction of the entire universe, which of course included the Crime Society.


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