10 Insane Alternate Versions Of The Justice League You Won't Believe Exist

3. The Injustice League

injustice league
DC Comics

Back in 1989, Justice League International #23 introduced a new version of the team as the Injustice League. The comic was far less serious than many on this list making the Injustice League one of the sillier versions of the team.

Unlike other team manifests, this group consisted entirely of criminals who never made it big in their various enterprises. Determined to make it big, they banded together and became the rather innefective Injustice League.

The team included Major Disaster, Big Sir, Cluemaster, Multi-Man, Clock King, and the Mighty Bruce. They barely managed to pull off any capers and mostly just got their butts kicked.

There was another version of the Injustice League, which was far less silly than this one. the retroactive book, Silver Age: The Showcase #1, published in 2000, introduced a different version of the team consisting of members like the Joker and Bizarro. This group was far more successful, but not as much fun, which is why the "technically" original team makes the list.


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