10 Insane Alternate Versions Of The Thing You Won't Believe Exist

10. Marvel Mangaverse's Benjamin Grimm

Marvel Comics

In the early 2000s, Marvel was still recovering from their late nineties bankruptcy, and they were willing to jump on any trend that could make them a few extra bucks. This was probably the thinking spawned the Marvel Mangaverse, an attempt to reinvent their flagship characters for fans of the Japanese comics that had suddenly exploded in popularity.

The Mangaverse was not just using a newly popular art-style as a gimmick, however. Yes, the comics were drawn in an Eastern style, but the stories within them were also completely retooled to incorporate the tropes and trends of manga and anime storytelling.

So, the Mangaverse's Benjamin (pronounced Ben-Ya-Meen) Grimm was no longer the grumpy rock monster we knew and loved. He was now a geeky young introvert with a stammer, who had the power to manipulate rubble and other 'urban material'. He used this power to create a mecha-like armour of rocks around his own body, and once armoured up, Benjamin's real personality would rise to the surface: a bad-ass, hyper-aggressive fighter with an extreme potty mouth.

Although he claimed to never notice any change in his personality, his teammates were quick to comment on how he would suddenly change from neurotic scaredy-cat to destructive renegade as soon as he was covered in a few hundred thousand tons of assimilated armour.


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