10 Insane Alternate Versions Of Wolverine You Won’t Believe Exist

So you can just... wear his skeleton?

Batman Wolverine Dark Claw
Amalgam Comics / DC Comics / Marvel Comics

When you have a gruff, claw-toting, no-nonsense-taking superhero named after an animal equal parts precious and likely to rip off your unmentionables, you know you're in for an instant fan favourite.

Indeed, Wolverine is so beloved that even many of his alternate universe storylines are still incredibly well known among fans - such as Old Man Logan, which manages to be both a potential future timeline that you hope doesn't happen, and yet adore every messed up page of.

But we're not here to talk about stories like Old Man Logan, because it's so famous that even folks who (somehow) aren't about Wolverine still might know what it details. No, it's time to get weird.

Because, as such an integral part of the Marvel roster - and as such a fan favourite - our boy Wolvie tends to get a decent role in any alternate universe we readers get to see. Which means that not only do we get to see him in all sorts of unusual and wonderful scenarios, but we also get a full story about this different version of him.

Unless we just see his skeleton being worn by someone else, of course. But that's still not exactly boring, at least.

10. Mangaverse Wolverine

Batman Wolverine Dark Claw
Marvel Comics

Of all the alternate universes you would expect to work, the Marvel Mangaverse is likely low on your list - until you actually get your hands on an issue of it. It's a very different tone from what we expect in comics, and requires different dynamics between all the characters, but it still works bizarrely well, all things considered.

One of the most drastic changes has to be that of this universe's Wolverine. In this world, Logan was the one who formed the X-Men, who instead live in a modern, high fashion version of the X-Mansion.

His hair is also notably white, and he has the symbol for omega on his face - which may or may not have been done to distract from the fact that he and Cyclops are brothers here, which makes the fact that both are trying to woo Jean Grey a little more awkward.

Despite all these changes, Logan's personality remains very much the same in this series, which makes all the other changes a little less unnerving. Nightcrawler may be a villain, but Logan is still the same grumbling badass as ever, and that's all we ever need.


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