10 Insane Alternative Versions Of Spider-Man Villains

If you thought Spider-Man had a lot of villains, wait till you see who's waiting in the Multiverse.

Marvel Comics

If 2018's Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse taught folks anything, it's that Spider-Man isn't the only Spider-Person in the Marvel Multiverse.

That's something comic book fans have known for some time, and while there are tons of alternate Earths showcasing different versions of Marvel's characters, ole Web-Head seems to be more involved than most.

And of course, where there's a Spider-Man, there's a disturbingly large rogues' gallery of his greatest villains, and like the Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man they all hate with a passion, each villain is different, depending on where they happen to come from in the Multiverse.

Sometimes, they are gender-swapped, as Doc Ock was in the film, but other times, they are something else altogether.

The great thing about Marvel's Multiverse is the ability for artists and writers to test their creativity, and one of the most interesting ways to do this is by making changes to a hero's villains, and Spidey has plenty to spare.

There are far more alternate versions of Spider-Man's villains than there are different versions of Spidey himself, which makes pinning down the best ones a rather difficult task.

There are plenty more to choose from, but these alternate versions of Spider-Man's foes are arguably some of the best his rogues' gallery has to offer.

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