10 Insane DC Superheroes You Won’t Believe Exist

Is it a bird? A plane? No, it's a guy who bounces like a ball! Meet the most insane DC heroes ever.

DC Comics/Liam Sharp

DC Comics has given the world some of its most iconic and memorable pop culture figures ever; from the Red Cape fluttering high above the earth (Superman), to the dark cowl waiting in the shadows like a silent guardian (Batman), to the near innumerable others who have entertained and enthralled masses for years and years and years (Plastic Man, et al.).

However, while there is absolutely no shortage of cool, badass, DC heroes, there are also those who have invoked rather different reactions from audiences.

From pint-sized animals donning the moniker of famous heroes, to an entire living planet who serves as a galactic defender, there have been a number of times when DC creators sprinkled a little too much of the old Bizzaro into their characters. This is true for both the hero and villain side of things. And the funny thing is - more often than not - these unconventional characters end up doing more harm than good for their ilk.

With all that being said, let’s dive straight into this sea of strangeness and pick out its weirdest fish who also happened to be good guys...


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