10 Insane Facts You Didn't Know About Venom

6. The Suit Is Powered By Hatred Of Spider-Man

Part of Venom€™s appeal is that his alien suit offers him a whole host of powers. Beyond that, however, there are factors within him that can augment that power to gargantuan proportions or diminish it entirely. One of these main components is a hatred for Spider-Man, something the symbiote feels after having been rejected by him - it originally sought out Eddie Brock at the church primarily because it could sense his similar primal hatred of Spider-Man.

Conversely, when Spider-Man first fought Mac Gargan, the former Scorpion turned Venom, he defeated him handily. This could speak to his inexperience with the suit, but Spider-Man surmises something different. He thinks that Venom wasn€™t as strong in this instance because Gargan didn€™t hate Spider-Man as much as Brock did.

Many of Spider-Man€™s foes have personal reasons for hating him, but only Venom can, in a tangible way, draw power from this emotion. Considering the close ties between Venom and Spider-Man, this is a unique concept that really suits the character and strengthens his villainy.


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