10 Insane Superman Crossovers You Won't Believe Exist

Remember the time Superman became a Herald of Galactus?

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Throughout the Man of Steel's storied eighty plus year long history, the hero has come across beings from other planets, galaxies and even alternate universes or different planes of reality in the larger DC continuity.

All these wild interactions have led to unique and fantastic stories that have undeniably contributed to the hero's longevity in the comic book space.

However, some of Superman's more interesting and/or weird storylines have come from weird and wild crossovers that involved properties outside DC's own catalog of characters. These stories may have been motivated by financial gain, but they have also given many creators the license to push the boundaries of the characters' paths - and to make the plot just that little bit more intense.

Some crossovers are better done than others, but there is absolutely no denying that they scratch pretty much every fan's crossover itch, and provide answers to questions such as ''What if Superman and the Silver Surfer crossed paths?''.

This list looks at some of the occasions where the Last Son of Krypton met someone/people outside the DC universe to weird and wonderful results.

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