10 Insane Supervillain Schemes You Won't Believe

Who knew Lex Luthor was such a fan of pastries?

Lex Luthor Superman Toy
DC Comics

Evil schemes are the cornerstone of every good comic. From robbing banks to destroying planets, in order for the superheroes we know and love to fight to bring justice, they first have to have someone to fight against.

However, as not every comic wants to use the same tired evil schemes, they start to get creative - and as they get creative, they also get really crazy - leading to the sort of temporary madness presumably experienced by comic writers, where things such as evil phone apps or a device that makes people illiterate seems like a completely normal idea.

In their defence, these often lead to some truly fascinating plots, if only because having heroes in completely outlandish scenarios is the bread and butter of the comic industry. More importantly, it also uses the characters in the best way possible, because when you've got villains capable of doing bizarre and abnormal stuff, why wouldn't you make sure their plans are as weird as can be?

Between questionable alien trials, mind controlling heroes to belly dance, and ineffective -and downright stupid - plans, these schemes are all absolutely insane, and all the more entertaining for it.

10. Hydra, A.I.M, Secret Empire And Byzantine Team-Up

Lex Luthor Superman Toy
Marvel Comics

If Hydra, A.I.M, The Secret Empire and Agency Byzantine all have one thing in common, it's that they're all terrifying and incredibly competent criminal organisations. If they have two things, it's that they turn somehow totally incompetent when they have to work together, as shown through the five societies attempts at working as allies throughout Daredevil 2011.

Their collective goal makes it slightly worse, as all five teams are aiming - and failing - to recover one sole hard drive. A hard drive that has been molecularly toyed with, sure, but this doesn't take away from the fact that five whole organisations, who have control of an army of henchmen and ridiculous amounts of money, are still somehow entirely incapable of finding and taking a hard drive.

Especially as at this point within the series Murdock's secret identity as Daredevil is common knowledge, and so it seems insane that nobody thought to check the places where he was likely to store things thoroughly, or at all.

Also, Black Cat manages to find the disk. Without any help. Meaning either all five organisations are bad at their jobs, or that she is just really good at hers.


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