10 Insane Times Superheroes Lost Their Powers

Taking the 'Steel' out of the Man of Steel.

Captain America
Marvel Comics

It's pretty much common knowledge that the vast majority of superheroes rely heavily upon their superpowers. Unless you're Batman, there's a pretty good chance that either magic, science or a secret alien bloodline is powering your ability to beatdown whoever stands in your way.

With these powers being so integral to superheroes doing what they do, it's always interesting to see comics where these special abilities are taken away, and our favourite heroes are left trying to figure out what they are when all their cool powers are removed.

This in mind, these comics can vary massively in tone, ranging between profound philosophical debates about superpowers, to hilarious looks into just how inept characters like Superman can be when they're without their superhuman talents.

While they're seldom permanent, seeing how different superheroes react to losing one of the most important things about them will always make for an unforgettable comic, as it provides perhaps the best insight into the actual personality of the character in question - especially on the rare occasion we find out that someone has gotten rid of their powers on purpose.

10. Superman - Whatever Happened To The Man Of Tomorrow?

Captain America
DC Comics

Throughout Superman's run in comics, we've seen pretty much every colour of Kryptonite under the rainbow used against the Man of Steel. What we haven't often seen, however, is golden Kryptonite, which was introduced in Adventure Comics #299, and then ignored for years until it showed up for the dramatic closing scenes of Superman: Whatever Happened To The Man of Tomorrow?

After a series of intense battles with all of his oldest foes, Clark kills Mr. Mxyzptlk, and is then struck with horror at having purposefully and brutally murdered the dimension-hopping alien.

Consumed with regret, the hero enacts the plan he had created in event of him ever using his powers for wrongdoing, stepping into the golden Kryptonite chamber that permanently removes all of the DC titan's powers from him.

With so much of the comic suggesting that Superman would die at the end, it's strangely rewarding to see him actually only lose his powers, and go on to live a happy life with his wife and child.


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