10 Insanely Detailed Comic Book Worlds That Blew Fans' Minds

Could you honestly find richer settings than in comics?

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Marvel Comics

No other medium is able to spirit someone away to another world as well as comics. Creatives have been trying their hand conjuring all sorts of weird and wonderful realities for nearly a century, and most - if not all - have managed to succeed in whisking readers away and immersing them in a fully developed, intricate and captivating mythos.

Of course, there's a delineation to be made here. There are great comic book universes that sustain multiple mythologies, as well as individual worlds that feature within those realities. This list shall focus on the latter, the kinds of worlds that could - and have - sustained multiple series and spin-offs due to the fact they're so rich.

Naturally, then, readers can expect multiple 'worlds' from both the Marvel and DC universes to feature here, but also those from independent publishers too. The medium doesn't exactly have a shortage of fascinating lore to draw from - much to the delight of comic book readers - and it's a testament to the variety on display that these worlds range from large, expansive, cosmic dimensions, to just plain old ordinary American cities.

All are unique though, and also utterly engrossing. Here are the ones that managed to capture everyone right from the off...

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