10 Kindhearted Comic Book Characters With Superbly Nuanced Flaws

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There's nothing quite like comic book conflict. Whether it comes from a single tear rolling down a cheek or the violent destruction of a galaxy, its scope is always larger-than-life. Subtlety in comics is sort of an oxymoron. Much like cells in real life, this tone is genetically built into many of our favorite characters, making everything they do overwhelmingly apparent, including their flaws, which go a long way in defining the best characters of any medium. But there are many comic book characters whose flaws go much further than the usual comic book conventions in many nuanced ways. When a character is inherently good-hearted, for instance, much more so than the average antihero, how the character's flaws are brought out can be extraordinarily affecting to read about for unique reasons due to the complex origins of those flaws. Click "Next" for just 10 characters who demonstrate that. NOTE: I haven't read enough Morbius, Iron Man, or, heck, Archie to include any of their situations in here. Feel free to educate me and other readers about any characters in the comments below! If I had to include an honorable mention on here, it'd be Thunderbolt Ross.
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