10 Lame Comic Book Villains (Who Are Actually Incredibly Powerful)

Never underestimate the Ten-Eyed Man again.

DC Comics

Comic books villains are some of the most fearsome, terrifying, and diverse characters in all of fiction by virtue of comics being a unique medium where pretty much anything can, and has, worked.

To see proof of this phenomenon, consider the fact that the most popular and frightening supervillains are a super-sane clown with multiple backstories, a purple genocidal alien nihilist with a bedazzled glove, and, of course, a handsome trickster god with adult-onset daddy issues and a strange fixation on goat-horned helmets.

But for every good comic book villain, there are ten or more that were created to fill time before the big guns could come back. And these criminals were usually the lamest, most pathetic looking, sounding, and acting characters that comics ever bothered to offer readers.

They were mostly played for laughs, but once in a while these joke-villains were handed far more power than even they realized at the time. In a different timeline or reality, they could have been considered real threats to the heroes with their incredible abilities, but were instead waylaid as comic foils.


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