10 Manga With Amazing Artwork

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Shōnen Gahōsha

The magnificent world of manga has provided tales of just about everything the world has to offer: Slice of life dramas, uplifting sports tales, fantasy epics, cyberpunk, gut churning horror and so many more. It is a safe and easy bet to say that there is something in manga for everyone.

Manga has been a beloved Eastern tradition since as far back as the 12th century via the creation of scroll art. Since then it has grown and grown until Michihiko Hasegawa's 1946 release, Sazae-San ushered in the age of serialised manga that took Japan in particular by storm.

It is truly incredible the painstaking level of hard work that goes into bringing these curious and diverse tales to the page. From setting the tone of the story to capturing the look and persona of each and every curious, colourful character and the in depth, well developed worlds they inhabit.

Reading the finest manga is to experience the dedication, imagination and copious amounts of time put into creating a world for us readers to immerse ourselves in. There's nothing quite like it.

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