10 Marvel Characters You Didn't Know Were Avengers

Strangest Avengers members. ASSEMBLE!

Marvel Comics

The Avengers have been around, in one form or another, since 1963. That's fifty-six years that they've had to save the planet, over and over and over again, so, as you can imagine, they've had quite a high turn around in membership.

Now, everyone knows about your Thor's, your Iron Man's, and your Captain America's. Hell, thanks to Disney/Marvel, people even know about the Vision and Ant-Man, but they aren't the only characters that have occupied Avengers Towers or Avengers Mansion, depending on which one is, at the time, less blown up.

There have been Vampires, Ghost Riders, and Hulk's by the bucket load, as well as blind-men, families, and Odin's personal bodyguards but who are the ones that you may not (or may, depending on your level of Nerdvana) remember having worked for Steve Rogers and Co?

What follows is a closer examination of Earth's Mightiest Heroes and of some that might have slipped past by you unnoticed.

After all, nearly six decades of avenging might be reason enough to forget some of these people even existed.

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