10 Marvel Superheroes Who Have Battled Mental Health Issues

3. Hank Pym

Moon Knight Mental Health
Marvel Comics

Even the smartest people in the world deal with mental health, and Hank Pym is living proof. Despite having a long list of scientific accomplishments, Pym’s intellect is often overshadowed by his mental health struggles.

Throughout his life, Pym has grappled with mental breakdowns, bipolar disorder, depression and dissociative identity disorder. In the past, Pym’s mental health deteriorated so much that he lashed out at his wife Janet Van Dyne, which caused their marriage to crumble.

Realising he needed help, Pym worked as hard as he could to redeem himself in the eyes of the Avengers. Eventually, Pym diagnosed himself with bipolar disorder and he concluded that all he could do was manage his condition one step at a time.


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