10 Marvel Superheroes Who Have Battled Mental Health Issues

2. Captain Marvel

Moon Knight Mental Health
Marvel Comics

Captain Marvel is one of the most formidable superheroes in the Marvel Universe, but for all her physical might, she has struggled to cope with issues like PTSD and alcoholism. Carol Danvers’ mental health was at the centre of a story called The Life of Captain Marvel by Margaret Stohl.

Within the story, Carol needed to deal with unresolved childhood trauma that involved her late father. She returned to her New England home to visit family, only to experience panic attacks that left her feeling paralysed. With the help of her mother and brother, Carol managed to resolve her trauma and improve her mental health.

Even people who look strong on the surface can struggle with their mental health. Captain Marvel reminds us that it’s okay to feel vulnerable and that the best way to address what we’re feeling is to get it out in the open.


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