10 Marvel Superheroes With Tortured Pasts

And you thought Daredevil had it rough...

Marvel Comics

It seems that to be a hero in the world of comics means that you must have a backstory that would make even the most ardent emo cry. Whether that's due to being orphaned or experimented on or developing powers when you hit puberty that you can't control, nearly everyone that takes up the fight for good has, in one way or another, experienced some serious tragedy.

But it's not just DC who has a cast of capes and cowls with tortured pasts, as Marvel has a fair few themselves.

From alcoholics to assassins, rampaging green monsters and more, the House of Mouse has a history littered with enough angst to fill a Shakespeare play, and it's a testament to those characters involved - as well as to those responsible for writing them - that those that fill this list haven't gone on to tarnish their good reputations by indulging in their darker sides (at least not frequently).

But who's had it the worst? Which members of the Marvel clan will have you reaching for the nearest box of tissues to dab away tears of sorrow instead of laughter?


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