10 Mind-Blowing Facts You Didn't Know About Stan Lee

9. He Joined The Army During World War II

Marvel Comics

During the Second World War, Stan Lee, like thousands of other men and women, enlisted in the U.S Army after the attack on Pearl Harbor. He never saw combat but worked diligently as a linesman for the Signal Corps where his duties consisted of repairing telegraph poles and other communication equipment.

It didn't take the army long to discover that his talents would be put to better use if they moved him and so Stan was given the job of writing training manuals, films, and slogans for the war effort - and he wasn't alone in this undertaking, with the likes of director Frank Capra, novelist William Saroyan, and cartoonist Charles Addams all chipping in to help fight the good fight.

In 2017 Stan was honored for his service when he was made a member of the 2nd Battalion, 3rd Infantry Regiment, something that he called one of the proudest moments of his life. Considering everything else that he managed to achieve in his 95 years on the planet, that's saying something.

If you'd like to watch Stan receive his medal then the video is below.


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