10 Most Anticipated Comics Still To Come In 2017

You do know that Garth Ennis is back for Punisher, right?

DC Comics

Although the games industry can very much lay claim to winter as being its month, comics too are making a pretty big effort to do the same. Marvel Legacy kicked things off this week with a barnstorming relaunch that'll no doubt galvanise Marvel for the better, setting the tone for a period that'll see a myriad of relaunches, rebrands and revitalised creative teams taking to beloved characters old and new.

Put simply, it's a good time to be into comics, and it's not just the big two who are getting in on the fun; Dark Horse, Image and IDW are all invited to the party, and it's set to be a particularly interesting one at that.

Certainly so, in Marvel's case, given the reaction to Legacy thus far. And with DC continuing their fine run of form with Rebirth, it feels as though the big two are almost at their best, backed up by the ever reliable presence of those other publishers who, it must be said, also have a whole bevy of brilliant titles releasing before the yearend.

That’s fantastic news for all concerned, and although the usual tide of variants, events and more might be enough to convince fans otherwise, there are plenty of reasons to be excited for the solicitations opening October onwards.

Not if you’re Alan Moore though, in light of the whole ‘Doomsday Clock’ thing, but still! There's plenty of material to keep readers warm in the winter months.

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