10 Most Awkward Moments In DC Comics History

Looking at the most uncomfortable moments in the history of DC Comics.

Wonder Woman Power Girl
DC Comics

DC Comics isn't just about Superman smacking a monster around or Batman catching the Joker for the umpteenth time. It's more than explosions, aliens, and doomsday weapons. In each story, there is unique drama and conflict.

Whether it's a hero's identity getting exposed or watching a loved one going rogue, moments like this aren't just awkward for the characters, but for the readers too.

Superheroes may have the strength to go against a colossal robot or an interdimensional entity but that doesn't mean the protectors of Earth's aren't prone to tension and confrontations amongst themselves. Moments like these usually stand out more than the big battles, because they show these iconic heroes at their most vulnerable.

When a hero sees a threat, they know they must do what's necessary to vanquish it.

But what do you do when you find out your sidekick is an addict? How do you react when you learn a hero may be having an affair? What's the protocol when you discover a superhero has become a killer?

It doesn't matter if you can fly or you've saved the world a gazillion times. No one is ready for these awkward moments, whether or not you are a superhero.

10. Power Girl Tries To Kill Superman - Brave And The Bold #7 (2007)

Wonder Woman Power Girl
DC Comics

When Power Girl and Wonder Woman teamed up to fight mummies (typical Tuesday for a superhero), Diana momentarily loses her Lasso of Truth. As Power Girl finds it, the Amazonian Princess asks her what she has planned for the rest of the day.

Since a person is compelled to tell the truth while holding the lasso, Power Girl says she's heading to Superman's fortress to kill him.

Although Power Girl has been a respected superheroine for years, Wonder Woman assumes this statement must be true, since a person cannot lie while holding the Lasso.

Power Girl promises that she bears no ill will to the Man of Steel, and doesn't understand why she said she was preparing to murder him. The heroes eventually learn that Power Girl was manipulated by Doctor Alchemy with a post-hypnotic suggestion to exterminate the Last Son of Krypton.

When the duo corner Alchemy, he possesses Power Girl and flies to the Fortress of Solitude to locate Superman. As Power Girl, Alchemy immobilises the Man of Steel with Red Kryptonite; a material that distorts a Kryptonian's DNA.

After the red rock turns Superman into a... weird... inside-out dragon-thing, Wonder Woman bursts in and frees Power Girl from Alchemy's control.

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