10 Most Dangerous Comic Book Villains That Don't Have Any Powers

For every Thanos, there is a villain without powers but they are no less dangerous for it.

DC Comics

Over the years, comics have provided many dangerous villains from the likes of Darkseid and Doomsday in DC to Doctor Doom and Thanos within the pages of Marvel Comics. Even within more indie comics, they contain dangerous villains like Homelander and Megatron.

What do all of these villains have in common? They all have powers in one form or another - be it innate from their alien biology, or gained later in life through mystical, technological, or other more suspicious means.

However, not all villains have powers, and sometimes villains without abilities can be just as if not more dangerous than the villains with powers. Through careful planning or demented determination, many villains manage to attack the heroes where it hurts the most, leaving a more lasting impact on the heroes than a world concurring bad guy ever could, by striking them on a more personal level.

The villains on this list will prove that they can get the job done with their sheer ingenuity and maniacal determination, making the heroes glad that they don't have powers to inflict pain on a larger scale.

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