10 Most Disturbing Comic Book Panels Of All Time

10. Robot Ripping Off Eve's Leg

Skybound / Image Comics

Comic: Invincible #111

Robot started out as a superhero, having been a member of the Teen Team, and a friend of Mark Grayson, otherwise known as Invincible. As he progresses, he matures and manages to transfer his consciousness into a cloned body of Rex Splode, leaving his disfigured body behind. Following this, he joins the Guardians of the Globe.

Things go well for a while, but when Robot and Monster Girl are trapped in an alternate dimension that progresses through time differently, Robot's attitude towards world domination shifts from not being interested to making it his primary goal in life. He and Monster Girl took over the alternate dimension world and returned after experiencing decades of time in their absence.

Robot decides to hatch a plan where he will take over the world, but not to rule it with evil intent; he truly believed he could save the planet by ruling over it. Knowing this won't jive with Mark, he sends him to an alternate dimension in issue #108.

Mark returns and confronts Robot in his home in issue #111. At the time, Robot was holding Eve hostage, and while Mark is attempting to handle the situation, Robot rips off Eve's leg without a moment's hesitation. It's a terrible twist, which happens all of a sudden, and without much warning, making the panel particularly disturbing for the average reader.

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