10 Most Disturbing Comic Book Panels Of All Time

9. The Governor Makes Out With His Daughter

Disturbing Joker Panel
Skybound / Image Comics

Comic: The Walking Dead #43

The Governor was clearly a troubled individual, but he managed enough charisma to get an entire town of survivors to follow him. He was fairly enigmatic and kept to himself, but the weirdest quirk of his had to be the fact that he kept his zombified daughter in his home.

She was locked up and often had a hood over her head, but he would go into the room (which was also filled with aquariums stuffed with zombie heads of his former enemies), and talk with her. It's understandable that he would be unhinged after losing his daughter, but he didn't handle it well... or in any way that could be described as healthy.

It was bad enough that he kept her "alive" in his home, but then there was the panel in question, where he picks her up and gives her a kiss. Kissing a zombie isn't a safe prospect, but that's not even what's so off-putting about this panel.

The guy open-mouth kisses his zombie daughter with the words, "Give Daddy a kiss." Anyone who read that and didn't immediately cringe at the sight should probably seek help, as this was arguably the most disturbing panel throughout the entire 193-issue run of The Walking Dead.

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