10 Most Disturbing Scenes In Marvel Comics' Ruins

Ruins tells the story of the Marvel Universe gone wrong. Here are the most disturbing parts!

Marvel Ruins Spider-Man
Marvel Comics

The Marvel Universe is an incredible place. It is filled with whimsy and wonder and there is really never any doubt that good will ultimately triumph over evil. But this isn't the case in every Marvel Universe. Some are filled with bleak and gritty realities that torture the characters that we have grown to know and love, and no comic does that better than Ruins.

Ruins was a 1995 miniseries by Warren Ellis, Cliff Nielsen, Terese Nielsen, and Chris Moeller that parodied the critically acclaimed Marvels series by Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross. Where Marvels tried to paint the superhero world as a beautiful landscape of hope, Ruins applied Murphy's Law: anything that can go wrong, does.

The Ruins universe is a despicable and terrifying place that unsettles any reader familiar with the normal 616 continuity. But like any disaster movie, it is filled with scenes that cause a certain amount of morbid fascination you just can't possibly turn away from.

There are plenty of disturbing scenes that stick with readers from this book. From the disgusting to the unsettling, these images will be tough to get out of your mind.

10. Jean Grey Is A Teenage Prostitute

Marvel Ruins Spider-Man
Marvel Comics

Ruins follows the story of former Daily Bugle reporter Phil Sheldon as he tries to piece together what went wrong in the universe. He has a deep belief that the world should not have turned out to be the awful disaster it currently is and decides to investigate the superhumans that may or may not have ruined the world.

To the reader, it is obvious that these experiments/accidents are supposed to create heroes but have gone terribly wrong. For Phil Sheldon though, he is trying to piece together why the world seems so deeply flawed.

One stop on his journey is Washington, DC. Here, Sheldon talks with Nick Fury about the state of the world when a clearly teenaged Jean Grey comes up to the pair, propositioning herself for $20. It is an incredibly jarring moment that seems to come from nowhere and really communicates the dire status quo of this world.

Jean is supposed to be one of the most powerful mutants alive, yet here she is clearly just trying to survive, objectifying herself before she even even has the chance to grow up.


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