10 Most Evil Spider-Man Villains

9. Carrion

Spider-Man Morlun
Marvel Comics

Carrion is one of those Spidey adversaries who has gotten steadily more terrifying as the years have gone by, going from being just another clone of Miles Warren (The Jackal), to an entire sentient virus that can possess people and turn them into zombified husks with homicidal tendencies.

So... technically speaking this entry could double up for The Jackal anyway, but given the virus itself has mutated so much and that it was in itself partially altered by Warren's own clone, it more than deserves its own spot on the "most messed up Spider-Man Villains" list we've got going here.

The Carrion virus has evolved a great deal since its first appearance in Spectacular Spider-Man #149, going from being a biological weapon designed to wipe out humanity, to a sort of vessel for Warren's personality, and then finally as a virus that emerged from Warren's clones that could infect humans. The latter most stage - or zombie variant - was by far the worst of the bunch though, turning its victims into rotting monsters with an insatiable blood lust.

Oo-er indeed.

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