10 Most Evil Things Judge Dredd Has Ever Done

Sylvester Stallone and Karl Urban's films may have slightly missed the point of Judge Dredd...

Rebellion / Ryan Brown

If you only know Judge Dredd from his goofy 1995 cinematic outing starring Sylvester Stallone then you’ll be very surprised to see how much of a monster his comic book counterpart actually is. Even the hyper-violent 2012 movie Dredd, in which the titular character leaves swathes of criminals in bullet riddled gory mess on the floor, pales in comparison to what he gets up to in the comics.

First appearing in the second issue (or “Prog” in their parlance) of 2000 AD in March 1977, Judge Joseph Dredd has since appeared in over 2200 weekly Progs, received his own spin-off “Judge Dredd Megazine”, had his own newspaper strip, two movies, and a handful of video games.

In the subsequent 40 years as well as your standard criminals he’s fought robot rebellions, interdimensional death obsessed monsters, corrupt foreign powers, corrupt domestic powers, and even Xenomorphs and the Predator. He’s been shot, stabbed, blown up, and had his eyes gouged out by futuristic vampires.

Despite all that however, Dredd himself is often the biggest a**hole in the story...


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