10 Most Heroic Things That Thanos Has Ever Done

You either die a villain, or live long enough to see yourself become a hero.

Marvel Comics

If there's one thing that most people would consider a firm fact about Thanos, it's that he's completely evil, through and through. After all, this is the entire basis of both his role in the iconic MCU series, and also of much of his time in comics, where he generally exists as the biggest evil in whatever series that includes him.

Bizarrely, though, Thanos being one of Marvel's most intimidating bad guys hasn't stopped him from doing some downright heroic things.

It makes an uncomfortable kind of sense, as while Thanos wants to kill whoever he sets his targets on, he also doesn't want the world to end, meaning that many superheroes actively recruit Thanos to do good when they need a real powerhouse to fight another world-threatening evil.

Though it's weird to see Thanos happily fighting alongside the likes of Thor and Doctor Strange, it also creates an undeniably fascinating dynamic, as any team comprised of people who low-key want to murder each other should.

Between saving the world, saving the universe, and helping his worst enemies, sometimes it seems Thanos exists solely to remind us that even evil has standards.


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