10 Most Important Comic Book Moments Of The Decade

10. The Dark Knights


Following up their immensely popular (and often controversial) run on Batman, the dynamic duo of writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo paired up for a truly bonkers Batman centric event.

Dark Knights: Metal introduced us to the Dark Multiverse, a grim subversion of the more routine DC Multiverse. Fiddling about with mystery metals deep in the tunnels of his Batcave, Bruce Wayne inadvertently opens a portal to the Dark Multiverse, prompting mass chaos universe wide.

In the process, we are re-introduced to Batcentric super demon, Barbatos now equipped with his merry band of evil Batmen. The Batman Who Laughs (a gross amalgamation of Bruce and his hated nemesis), The Red Death (an evil Bruce Wayne possessed Barry Allen), The Murder Machine (a Cyborg-like Bruce created by an AI Alfred), The Dawnbreaker (A Green Lantern Bruce gone horribly wrong), The Merciless (Bruce as Ares’ God of War successor) and The Devastator (Bruce wits and Doomsday’s everything else) among others arrive in the Light Universe with a bang.

Surreal, unpredictable, surprising, the Dark Universe Batmen were many things. Most importantly however is the fact they show us the level of devastation and pain a figure like Bruce Wayne could cause if ever he were to succumb to evil. In the process, Snyder and Capullo hammered home that Batman’s as dangerous and as brilliant as even the most super powered of DC characters. In doing so, the team portrayed Batman in an even darker than usual light.

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