10 Most Ironic Deaths In Comics History

Irony is rarely ever positive... even in comic books.

Injustice Red Robin
DC Comics

In many comic book plots, it can seem like the end results are plain to see by the set-up alone. A villain sets up an elaborate plan to destroy their foe, and it looks as though they have finally succeeded.

A character sacrifices their life to save the lives of others and indeed does so. Or, a hero appears to have won the day against a villain they’ve been pursuing all this time.

Despite all of this, however, these are nonetheless predictions, and not every prediction comes true in the end. This is certainly the case here, where there have been many instances when a character’s death has led to an unexpected turn of events or they’ve simply died unexpectedly.

Overall, these events have resulted in some of the most ironic deaths in comics that, in some form another, have taken the reader by surprise with how it all came to pass. Some of the best moments in comics, though, have to do with irony, and really, it wouldn’t be all that interesting for writers and artists to prove readers right every single time.

10. The Death Of Roy Harper

Injustice Red Robin
DC Comics

Although the death of a comic book character can seem pretty inconsequential, there are nevertheless some deaths that end being heartbreaking given their circumstances. This was particularly the case for Roy Harper, who was killed as a part of “Heroes in Crisis.”

The events leading up to his death find Roy looking for Jason Todd in Gotham City, where he and his new crew of outlaws have set up shop. Once he finally does arrive, though, he stumbles upon an intense battle between Red Hood and Batman.

The latter had intended to subdue Red Hood, but Roy nevertheless intervenes and rescues Jason. Months later, Jason recovers and goes on to assist Roy in taking down the criminal organization “Underlife.” This turns out to be more complicated than it originally seemed to be, though, and Roy decides to hand the mission over to Jason.

He explains to Jason that he would like to focus on his mental health for a while, and plans to join a rehab program for "capes." Jason, of course, supports him on this, recognizing that this is what’s best for Roy personally.

Unfortunately, what would seem like a step forward in the right direction, ends up being a trap for Roy - and it's through this rehab program that Roy meets his end. It’s a genuinely heartbreaking moment with a twisted case of irony, where the journey towards betterment actually leads to the absolute worst.

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