10 Most Messed Up Junji Ito Moments

The Junji Ito moments you can't unsee.

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Known for his grotesque body horror, surreal concepts, and gallows humour, manga artist Junji Ito is one of the biggest names in both the worlds of manga and horror.

Born in Gifu, Japan, Ito developed his love for horror at a young age, citing the likes of other manga creators Hideshi Hino and Kazuo Umezu, who he read as a child, as well as H.P Lovecraft as some of his biggest influences.

With Ito's twisted creations typically seeing his characters confronted with an unexplainable extraordinary presence - usually manifesting in their own bodies - or cruelly punished for their actions, the artist's work is bursting with gruesome imagination.

From stories of an unkillable femme fatale, an army of rotting fish on legs invading Japan, or a small town plagued by a spiral, nothing can match the strange and disturbing content found within the pages of Ito's short stories and volumes.

What makes Ito stand out even more is just how seriously weird his horror can get. Throughout his ever-growing library of bizarre tales, Ito has given readers plenty of unique images they won't be forgetting any time soon.

Here are just some of his most messed up moments.


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