10 Most Powerful Characters Killed By Hal Jordan's Green Lantern

Despite their strength, these beings did not stand a chance against DC's Emerald Knight.

Hal Jordan kills Krona
DC Comics

Hal Jordan's six decade tenure as Green Lantern has been marked by incredible triumphs, excruciating loss and notable stints in the side of villainy. Despite this volatility, there is no denying that the most popular Green Lantern is also one of the Corps' most powerful members.

Thanks to his Power Ring, Jordan is capable of mind-boggling feats so long as his imagination and willpower are up for the task. In addition to the usual superhuman physical stats and flight, Hal can create virtually anything he can think of to world-saving or devastating effect.

The latter is especially relevant for the purposes of this article, as numerous individuals have been on the receiving end of Jordan's wrath. Although Green Lanterns are forbidden from taking a life, there have been instances where the hero was able to circumvent this limitation, especially when he was empowered by a source other than the Oan Central Battery.

Regards of the ethical nature of these murders, the power levels that some of these damned souls demonstrated highlight just how powerful (and dangerous) Jordan can be in certain situations.

10. Multiple Sinestro Corps Members - Sinestro Corps War

Hal Jordan kills Krona
DC Comics

One of the most impactful events in Green Lantern lore, the Sinestro Corps War permanently changed the face of DC's cosmic realm and pushed the otherworldly heroes to their limits in ways not seen since the Emerald Knights arc. The event depicts the titular villain amassing a massive army to unleash chaos across the universe and enact revenge on the Green Lantern Corps.

Despite the wilpower-fueled team recently losing its weakness to the colour yellow, they were woefully unprepared for the Sinestro Corps' reign of terror and the lethal brutality of its members. Because of these devastating challenges, the Guardians were forced to make amendments to its rules, chiefly its stance on Lanterns and the use of lethal force.

Once the Green Lanterns' no-kill rule was lifted, Hal and his allies butchered many of Sinestro's soldiers in a vicious intergalactic clash which ultimately claimed the lives of 440 Green Lanterns.


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