10 Most Powerful Characters Killed By Iron Man

9. Titanium Man - Armor Wars (1984)

Iron Man Mallen
Marvel Comics

Admittedly, this kill is not as direct as the rest of Iron Man's murders, but Tony's notable involvement ensures that the second Titanium Man's death warrants a place on this list. Kondrati Topolov (also known as the Gremlin), was a mutant who inherited his father (Yuri Topolov/Gargoyle)'s radiation-induced physical deformation as well as his superhuman intelligence.

In addition to this, he followed his father's footsteps and became a scientist who developed gear for the Soviet Super-Troopers and also partook in various forms of genetic engineering and further weapons development. These activities later saw him clash with the likes of the Hulk, X-Men and Iron Man, the latter of which would prove fatal.

During the Armor Wars storyline, Topolov donned an updated version of the Titanium Man armour and went head-to-head with Iron Man. The American's suit proved to be inferior to his Soviet counterpart's, as he was wearing a weapons-light stealth suit. While attempting to flee the bout, Tony unintentionally ignited Topolov's armour and this heated the villain's suit, causing it to explode and kill him in the process.


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