10 Most Powerful Cosmic Entities In DC Comics

Do DC's cosmic characters have Marvel beat?

Anti-Monitor DC Comics
DC Comics

The DC universe loves cosmic characters. Yes, Marvel may have brought their cosmic figures to the mainstream over the last couple of decades, with Fantastic Four, Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor, Thanos and Captain Marvel all household names, but comics fans know that DC is just as - if not more - storied in that department.

That's partially because the publisher were among the first to capitalise on the space race with their books. The Silver Age of comics brought with it a new Sci-Fi focus, as characters like The Flash and Green Lantern were reimagined with less mystical leanings. The latter went on to spawn a vast mythology of his own, but it would still take another creative influence for DC to define their own cosmic universe, which came in the form of Jack Kirby.

Kirby's Fourth World Saga changed the fabric of the DC universe, and inspired others to expand its cosmic horizons. Suddenly, characters who could bend time and space became a regular fixture, and the DCU started to feel a lot more epic.

Naturally, with over sixty years of cosmic adventures under its belt, DC has introduced a truckload of insanely powerful cosmic entities. Some are good, others are evil, and some have no alignment whatsoever. Here are the most powerful of all...

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