10 Most Powerful DC Heroes Of All Time

DC sure has some heavy hitters. These hit the heaviest.

Dr Manhattan
DC Comics

When it comes to the most powerful heroes in comics history, DC has the lion’s share. When Action Comics first hit newsstands in 1938, DC Comics showed its might with the debut of Superman, one of the most powerful characters of all time. Soon we were greeted by dozens of superheroes whose power could rival that of the Man of Steel.

Beings that could move faster than the speed of light, push whole planets out of orbit, or probe the minds of everyone on Earth all at once, were now a reality in the pages of DC Comics.

As years have gone by, it has become harder to determine which DC heroes top the list as most powerful, as new powers get invented and new skill sets are added seemingly every year. Regardless we've managed to the narrow the field down to the biggest, strongest, fastest and most versatile heroes in DC has to offer.

With that, lets take a look at the 10 Most Powerful DC Heroes Of All Time!


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