10 Most Powerful Incarnations Of Superman

9. Injustice: Gods Among Us Superman

Superman Prime One Million
DC Comics

One of the things Superman has to do constantly is monitor his output, so he doesn't breathe hard on someone, and kill them. The man is essentially a god on Earth, so if he hit his enemies as hard as he possibly could, he would atomize them.

That's not how the Superman of the Injustice series is, as he's lifted his limitations, and gone the full dictator. In the series, Superman loses hit usual restraint after Metropolis is destroyed by a nuclear blast, killing everyone Superman held dear in his adoptive city.

The Joker was responsible, and Superman stormed into the interrogation room where Batman was working with the Clown, and after some banter by the Joker, Supes slammed his fist through the psychopath and ripped out his heart. From that moment, the gloves were off, and Superman decided he wouldn't stand by and help humanity; he would lead it.

Superman became a despotic tyrant, and without his typical restraint, he essentially became one of his most powerful representations. Other versions of the Man of Steel may have the same limits on strength, but lacking the will to use it puts them in a class outside the Injustice Superman.


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