10 Most Powerful Incarnations Of The Fantastic Four

8. Fantastic Thors

Fantastic Five
Marvel Comics

During the Multiverse ending event known as Secret Wars, the Fantastic Four's greatest foe Doctor Doom gains the ultimate power of the being known as the Beyonder. Given this godlike powerset, Doom creates Battleworld and rules over it all with a literal iron fist.

While godlike, Doom still needed help to control his new universe filled with zombies, demons, other superheroes, supervillains, and his ultimate enemy Reed Richards.

To best patrol Battleworld, Doom created the Thor Corps, a police force entirely fielded by figures who wielded the powers of Thor. Some of the more noticeable alternate Thors were the iconic members of the Fantastic Four.

Though they don't have anything more than a background on-page appearance in this massive comic event, they all seem to have similar powers to the original Fantastic Four.

They wield their own hammers and seem to have the same powers as the mighty Thor. This means that overall they might be some of the most powerful versions of the Fantastic Four in the multiverse, ironically forced to serve their vilest enemy as nothing more than super rent-a-cops.


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